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What is the Zenn Immersive System?

By combining multitudes of Projectors or LED Panels, the Patent Pending Zenn Immersive System (ZIS) allows casino guests to be enveloped into the game without the need for special glasses or goggles.

ZIS Aphrodite Attract Bonus Video Loop - Seven Feathers Casino, Canyonville OR

Future of Gaming

Try to imagine the Casino floor as tour of Ancient Greece where bonuses trigger a visit from Zeus himself—appearing through the rolling clouds, lightening bolts in hand striking a machine awarding Free Games, or explore Ancient Egypt where the player’s might have a chance to see the treasures that lurk inside King Tut’s Tomb.

Increase Millennial Play and Time on Device

Captivate young and old alike with an innovative product. Millennials specifically want to be enveloped by the experiences they consume. They are not passive consumers they are active participants. Their objective is to experience rich rewarding 4D sensory environments. The ZIS provides an experience beyond a financial incentive.

February 2016

Millennial Play 0
Average Time on Device - All Demographics 0

February 2017

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Average Time on Device - All Demographics 0

Endless Connections

Integration of our system is simple and compatible with all gaming systems

Live Sports

Watch LIVE feeds like sports. Get up close and personal with the game—So close players’s feel like they’re cheering from the stands. Bring live feeds from the Casino’s Event Center to envelop the player’s surroundings with sounds and sights of the show.

Project Content on any Surface

Minimal Floor Downtime

System is Scalable

24/7 Continuous Operation

The ZIS is proven to operate flawlessly 100% of the time.

Industry Standard 3d Applications Supported